Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Indy Recap

Better late than never.

I rushed to the club last night to watch the game, and was pleasantly surprised to see the Dubs were up 18. Mike Dunleavy, was 1 for his first 9, which I guess you could say we were used to. I for once was happy to see him play up to his normal ways.

I know a lot of folks in the national media have been saying that this is just one game, and that they think Indy got the better of the deal, but for Warrior fans everywhere, I and many of the folks who saw the Dunleavy/Murphy era can fully conclude that even after only 9 games, the Dubs fleeced the Pacers. If not only for the fact that we dumped aproximately 35 million in future salary.
Add me to the list of folks that are extremely surprised that Rick Carlisle continues to run Dun/Murph out together in the starting lineup. Did he not see any of the Mike Montgomery era? Granted, having Jermaine O'Neal down low definitely helps out, but as usual, Murphy was yanked early after a successions of Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington layups. What we gained from the trade, was a couple of players who are better suited to play Don Nelson's style. I think it has been evident, that with Harrington and Jackson, either, or both of them are capable of scoring 25 on a given night. The same cannot be said about the players we traded away, and for that reason, along with unloading future salary that can be used to sign other more deserving Warriors, Chris Mullin made a great deal.

So after horrendous games against Cleveland and Charlotte, if the Dubs can somehow figure out how to beat KG and Minnesota tomorrow night, they will be exactly where the were when they left for the six game trip. That is two games under .500, but still very alive for the last playoff spot in the west. I'm not going to make any more predictions this year, because at this point I've been awful. Its hard to predict for a team that is so inconsistent. Hopefully Baron will be back, and hopefully Monta is on his way to feeling better (as he had a scary bone bruise mid way through the third quarter).

Tip is 5pm PST. Hope you are watching.


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